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Missouri Department of Labor

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A valued Esteemed Digital client, the Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, is a government agency responsible for administering critical programs for workers, employers, public work projects, labor law enforcement, and promoting safe working environments throughout the state of Missouri.

To administer such programs, the Missouri Department of Labor operates a website which serves as a vital resource for multiple governing divisions, including the state’s Labor Commission, Employment Security division, Commission on Human Rights, Labor Standards division, the State Board of Mediation, and Missouri’s Workers’ Compensation division – all of which require their own set of resources, information, and forms. The Department of Labor offers digital materials and online services for visitors to explore topics that range from employment opportunities to safety measures, public works projects, required training, insurance appeals, fair housing, and beyond.

Esteemed Digital assisted the Missouri Department of Labor with an ambitious website overhaul.

The Challenge

The client wished to undergo a complete website redesign, including a migration from ASP.NET to Drupal 7. Given the enormous amounts of files, resources, and content that needed migrating, the Missouri Department of Labor sought both Drupal migration experts and a technical project lead to oversee the migration.

The legacy site held a large quantity of data (and many forms and functions), so this process would turn into a nine month project.

The Missouri Department of Labor currently employed IRG Project Management and DOLIR Communications and technical staff. What they lacked, however, were a technical project lead, a lead Drupal developer, and a Drupal architect.

The Solution

Together with the Information Resources Group, the Missouri Department of Labor contracted Esteemed Digital, who provided the agency with Drupal expertise. Esteemed Digital built a fully responsive website with a customized Drupal theme. Over the course of the project, Esteemed Digital migrated thousands of static HTML files, as well as over 20,000 PDF forms and publications. The team also recreated approximately 30 JavaScript forms and functions from the legacy website.


Thanks to the efforts of Esteemed Digital, the Missouri Department of Labor was able to successfully update and redesign their website. The migration from ASP.NET to Drupal gave the client greater flexibility, lower server maintenance costs, and a vast community of expert developers for their future web needs.

Today, their website is accessed by roughly one million visitors each month, and monthly statistics track the thousands of claims filed by Missouri residents and millions of dollars avoided in potential business fines.