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Exide Batteries

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Esteemed Digital, partnering with Atlanta-based creative firm FortyFour, assisted with the digital transformation and technical implementation for Exide Batteries’ public website. Exide Batteries is a global leader and manufacturer of automotive and industrial batteries, and is headquartered in Milton, GA.

The Project

Exide Batteries’ organization boasts over 125 years of professional service and operates in over 90 countries and 30 regions around the world. Given Exide Batteries’ global reach and extensive product catalog, the company required a CMS that could keep pace with business growth and provide flexibility and functionality to reflect country- and region-specific website needs. Exide’s website administrators wanted a solution that would allow their team to share content as needed, manage location-specific content, and have full segregation from administration of other countries.

Exide partnered with a creative firm to assist with branding, but the organization was in critical need of technical expertise to both design and build a secure, highly-functioning website.

The Solution

The global manufacturing company chose Esteemed Digital to execute the technical implementation of their web project. Together, Exide and Esteemed Digital chose Drupal as the CMS platform due to its open-source nature, adaptability to technical complexity, and because Drupal is well-suited to managing global services.

Did you know? Drupal CMS is used for 13 percent of the world’s top 10,000 websites

(a number expected to continuously increase, given that Drupal’s user base grows by more than a million per quarter).

The Esteemed Digital team built a Drupal 8 multisite configuration, which they coupled with the Domain Access module. This pairing provided the base functionality Exide Batteries’ administrators required for sharing and segregation. In adding custom PHP and JavaScript, Esteemed Digital made it possible for Exide’s website to present countries (grouped by region) on the main navigation menu.

As part of the solution, Esteemed Digital leveraged Bootstrap framework to provide a reliable, open-source mechanism for responsive front-end design implementation. In the interior of the site, an innovative secondary “right-rail” menu was designed by Exide’s creative firm and implemented by Esteemed Digital’s front-end development team using Javascript. Other display components provided the means for country content editors to feature product nuances local to their markets.

The site continues to evolve and be deployed across international markets to replace legacy sites. Hosting for the upgraded website was provided by Acquia. The resulting solution gave Exide Batteries’ website an updated look, more powerful abilities, and is paired with D8 multisite that serves 30 international regions.

Why Choose Esteemed Digital?

Esteemed Digital was chosen by Exide Batteries to address their WebOps needs because of our extensive Drupal knowledge; purpose-driven approach to a scalable, sustainable web presence; and experience delivering powerful digital solutions. Esteemed Digital has helped organizations around the world with their WebOps requirements, including those in the manufacturing, agriculture, transport, telecommunications, and government industries.

If your team is in the market for cloud hosting, content management, or web strategy solutions, reach out to us today. We’ll have a member of our team get in touch to explore your options.